About HardCore Enterprises

HardCore Enterprises started its services in field of beauty, surgical and dental instruments in 1980, by the endless effort of our company’s owner ‘RIAZ AHMAD’. We are providing the best and professional quality products in these fields, providing our beauty customers, doctors, surgeons and dentists an ease in their work, and make their work more precise and professional.
One of the advantage that our Company have, is that we are having alot of experienced labours and workers who have the experience of more than 25 years in this field. Their determination give our products a smooth, fine, precise and professional look.
HardCore Enterprises is exporting its best quality products and instruments all around the world, like in USA, GERMANY, CANADA, MALAYSIA, UK, AFRICA, RUSSIA, VEGMAM and other different part of the world.
Our aim is to enhance working capabilities, style and give our customers a comfortable approach in their particular field.




Mr. Riaz Ahmad



Mr. Ali Riaz



Mr. Jawad Sarfraz

Production Manager


Mr. Atif